About Us

We are a small business based in Surrey committed to providing high quality secretarial services.

We work for small companies or individuals who need admin assistance but don’t require a full-time secretary or for larger companies who have a need for occasional overspill secretarial services.

We offer a full range of secretarial services from general typing to the personal assistant at competitive rates and only charge for the time we work for you.

All documents will look exactly as if they have come from your own secretary as they will be typed using your standard fonts and formatting.

We proofread very carefully as it’s important to us that everything we send out is free of errors, has correct grammar and is professionally presented.

Document alterations can be easily done on the telephone, by handwriting and faxing or handwriting, scanning and sending back through our FTP.

We offer a filing service for your documents and can send you copies whenever you need them.

If you want to rebrand or move your business up to the next level we can help by updating or improving the documents you use and then provide admin support to allow you more time to manage your company.

We can even help set up a website if you need one.

We tailor our services to the companies we work for and would like to talk to you about how we might be able to help.